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Handmade Welsh Quilts with a twist.

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A soft turquoise blue with a blue white top, BB is a real head turner.
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A beautifully hand crafted heirloom you'll treasure for years.
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Hand delivered in a '63 VW Splitscreen. Home to church to reception. Perfect.

The Quilt

Your wedding day will pass in a flurry of excitement, so what better way to remember it than with a beautiful, fullsize handmade quilt, stitched in the heart of the Cothi Valley.

To make it really unique and all about you, we'd love a small sample of fabric to be worked into the design. This fabric could be from a bridesmaid's dress swatch, a spare piece of silk left over from your wedding gown or anything that has a special place in your heart.

An embroidered label complements every quilt and has the wedding date stitched in - just in case someone needs a gentle reminder in years to come.

We'll deliver the quilt to you on the morning of your wedding in a natural wicker basket, complete with labels and layers of tissue for safe keeping.

We're confident that an On-BB quilt will become a treasured memento of your special day, will be there through the good times and the briliant ones and may even cushion the first steps of pattering feet.

The '63 Split

BB is a fully restored, gorgeous 1963 VW Splitscreen Camper. Very few see the open road anymore but BB is out and about, she seems to attract more than her fair share of smiles and waves..

Her colouring is the original turquoise with a creamy blue white above the waistline. The interior matches perfectly, so she will go with almost any bridal colourway.

She has all the looks and classic charm you could hope for, with the benefit of modern brakes, steering and suspension.

She's certainly built for comfort rather than speed but that just gives you more opportunity to be seen on the day.

BB is a big part of our normal family life; holidays, trips out, pootling around West Wales and is always kept in tip top condition but will get an extra polish and fresh ribbons for your special day.

Our Little Idea

Like all good ideas, this one is really simple.

We create a unique handmade quilt for you.

We deliver it in BB on the morning of your wedding.

We absolutely get you to the Church on time.

We take the happy couple to their reception.

All in one neat package and one seriously cool car.

We are very keen to make sure that On-BB focuses on one wedding at a time, so you won't find us rushing away to fulfil another booking on the same day.

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  • Pretty all over

    Take a look at the '63 Split section of the site to get a better look at BB.

    If you're undecided about using On-BB as a special part of your wedding day, then we can always arrange a viewing beforehand.

  • Detailed all over

    Take a look at the Quilt section of the site to appreciate the care that goes into making one.

  • Perfectly combined

    Each idea on it's own would work well but as a combination, both provide a truly unique experience.

    If our simple idea appeals to you, then please feel free to get in contact and make On-BB a part of your special day.